Team VXS
Ambassador Application

Our ambassador program provides an exciting opportunity to represent a fast-growing and innovative fitness brand.

✔️ Earn Rewards & Commission

✔️ Exclusive personal discount

✔️ Event & photoshoot opportunities

✔️ Your own unique code to give out

✔️ Be part of the community & feature on our social media

All applications are carefully reviewed by the team at VXS HQ, and we will get back to you via email.

Application form will load below:

A Community. A Movement. A Team.

YOUR Benefits & Responsibilities

We offer a range of exclusive benefits and opportunities, always putting our team first.

✓ A special discount for your use only

✓ Offer your friends and followers 10% discount

✓ Earn 10% commission on any sales

✓ Free access to Team VXS events

✓ Opportunities to be featured on our social media, exposing you to a global fitness community

✓ Early access to the latest releases before anyone else

✓ Possibilities to grow and develop within the brand

In return, we ask team members to support the brand and team.

✓ Be active on social media platforms, whilst showing off your VXS

✓ Support the brand and our message

✓ Support for other Team members and the community

✓ Promote the brand to those in your local area

✓ Be involved with product development and testing where required

✓ Make use of any promotional materials we send you.